Monday, July 30, 2012

Pictures - with splashback!

Appliances in the earliest on Friday.  I remain hopeful that if not Friday not long after.  We really need handover soon because we have given notice to the real estate agent.  The bigger issues have been noted with the SS and the minor ones will be sorted after handover.


  1. Oh wow, it all looks great!!!!! Love the main floor tiles, beautiful colour! You did well to put the shelving in the wardrobe, very handy indeed! Your bath looks very inviting!! What is on the floor of your stairs? I don't think I've seen that before. I don't know about you but for us it's starting to feel like it might actually happen!(and soon)

  2. It's just stained timber, but the boys have been walking dirt up and down them again.

    I can't wait until that first bath in the president bath.

    Actually the wardrobe internals (which we organised at colours visit) is one of the things which was messed up. They were meant to put one downstairs in the guest room and leave our spare bedroom without one. But they didn't check their plans. So rather than pulling out the incorrect one they will probably just put one into the guest room as well. Bonus!

    We're actually at the point of trying to shovel the workers out the door so we can move in.

    Very very happy about the tiles, love the large tile format and very glad that the tilers who do the display homes were the ones who did ours too.