Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It takes much longer than you expect...

We wanted to wait until we had approval for the house before we chose a place to rent. We did find a bargain, not overly convenient and very tiny but at least $100 per week cheaper than any other suitable property. We moved on the 29th of October. Our normal removalists were unavailable (I suspect they remembered the rather large and heavy furniture and chose not to take our job as a result). My dearest found a person advertising on a pole in the city and engaged their services. They turned up in a truck about the size of a HiAce van and took all day to move us to a house in the same suburb as we were already in. During the process they damaged almost every single piece of furniture and showed a total lack of common sense including putting heavy pieces of furniture with the doors and drawers facing the wall. Horrific day. Moral of the story - don't hire removalists you find advertising on telegraph poles.

The demolisher started on 2 November but took a while because they were overbooked. (They charge about half the price of other demolishers so no wonder really).

Everything was sorted out by 25th November which was still in time to not have to pay extra money due to price rises. The excavation and piering occured around the 11th of December, the slab was poured by the 20th and we received the first big bill on the 21st. The weather has been perfect for curing the slab and now we wait until the building company goes back to work after the Christmas holiday period. We're thinking it will be the 9th of January.