Monday, May 14, 2012

Hmm progress since Friday 4th of May

I'm starting to wonder whether the fact that we drive and/or walk past the house on the way to and from school every morning and afternoon is such a good thing. It can be frustrating to see no one on site.

Monday 7th - Downpipes
Tuesday 8th - Nothing
Wednesday 9th - Call from site supervisor telling us about the tight schedule to get everything he said would be done by that Friday to be done by the following Friday. Scaffolding comes down. (Couple of hours work)
Thursday 10th - The small amount of remaining roof trusses goes onto ground floor. (Couple of hours work)
Friday 11th - Remaining guttering and fascias delivered, nothing else happens on site
Monday 14th - Guttering put up on ground floor roof (again a couple of hours of work)

So it's Tuesday - I am about to set off on my walk to pick up our daughter from school. Let's hope there's a roof or at least some evidence of work at the house, because there weren't any workers there this morning when my husband went past.

I'm sure there's probably some safety rules in place so that people aren't rushed but this pace seems ridiculous and totally inefficient. It's hard too because we walk past other building sites and see the progress those builders are making compared to ours. Our finished product had better be infinitely superior for all the extra time it's taking. ;)

Friday, May 4, 2012


The painters worked like trojans for the past three days and, from where we can see it, the house looks completely painted. Although I'm not sure the portico has been done in a different colour to the rest of the house like it is meant to be. Must dig out my sample sheet and check it out. The eaves appear to be completed also. Which means some more roofing and then they can get to work on the inside I think.