Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally signed on the dotted line

We are definitely building the Metricon Nolan 41 but have decided to skip building the pool for now. It's all too complicated for us, and expensive. Who would have thought that an itty bitty pool would cost about $70,000 including fencing and paving? We have decided to have carpet, tiles, window dressing, grass and a driveway instead. Seems like the most sensible option.

We had been planning to build two homes on our 1500sqm block but the State Government ruined those plans. Rather than leave our energy sucking high carbon footprint 1950's home on our unsustainably large block of land we will build the more energy efficient home on said unsustainably large block, stress about paying the mortgage on it and hope for a change in the rules to something more sensible than what they currently are.

I'm excited about building our new home but I have a hard time believing that we will actually get to live in it. In 6 weeks time we should have approved plans and approval to demolish this decaying hovel and we are at the business end of this journey. In 4 weeks we make our decisions on colours and finishes. It should be interesting to see how much that will add to the price tag.