Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Too many choices

Metricon isn't a cheap project home builder to choose but their quality seems to be above that of your run of the mill project home builder. They show so much attention to detail and they do what they say they will do during the tender process and when they say they will do it.

Apart from the surveyors and soil testers it's been crickets so far from the other company and it has been almost a month since we handed over our $1,000 to them. In the meantime we have gone off their design somewhat and are most enthused about going with Metricon.

Our problems with any home we build are the ever spiralling costs which have us nervous, a few technical difficulties to overcome and the incredible amount of choice we have at Metricon. Which is a nice problem to have really. Especially if you are Metricon.

When we went to our tender appointment we balked at the end sum, which isn't the end of the costs, just what we know so far. $63,000 odd thousand in site costs and then $27,000 to split the floor just was not what we were expecting.

This prompted me to go back to my spreadsheet. It looks like we might be better off going back to the first home we liked as it still fits the bill best for us with only small changes. Having come so far on the Phoenix, my husband is loathe to change now. I also quail at the thought of going back to our lovely sales consultant to tell her that we have changed our minds again for the fourth time and that we are going back to our first choice.

Although I would be happy with almost any home they have on offer I wish they didn't cost so much as it is scaring the living daylights out of me that the final cost including renting, demolition and interest will cost twice the base price of the house.

Who knew?