Friday, June 22, 2012

Pretty much still the same plus...

I can see empty basin boxes out the front of the house and I think I spotted the stone benchtop on our ensuite vanity so that looks like pretty good progress.  I can also see wall tiling in the ensuite.  They appear to  have only just started the wall tiles in the powder room.

I also think the deck might be finished.  Certainly the steps are on.  I'm so glad that everyone (PCA, SS and deckers) were happy to put the steps where we asked for them to be put in the first place.

At tender time we were told that the steps were standard and because we wanted something different they would be made of treated pine to minimise the cost and we could remove them later.  The deckers, however turned up and were going to make the big set of stairs down the back out of merbau.  Works out best for everyone that we get our little set of steps to the side.  Much less merbau being used.

I told the SS that it would be really nice to have handover for my birthday (mid July).  Not sure it will happen.  He's doing what he can but this tiler is making sure everything is perfect.  Which is wonderful, but slow. 

So some railings, some plumbing, some electrical, the painting and staining, kitchen benchtops, appliances, door handles and locks and then the main floor tiling.  I think that's it.  Not sure it can all  be done in 15 working days.

Fingers crossed.

ETA Rainwater tank and aircon - knew I forgot something.

ETA again - rainwater tank is in.

And here are some photos from today (and the staircase from much earlier)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tiling and decking

The tilers doing the wet areas are inside.  Apparently the guy is a perfectionist.  I can't wait to see the finished result.  We are happy with the deck progress too, it should look very swish.

So some painting, some plumbing, some electricals, the bits and pieces like baths, shower screens, rainwater tank, air con and HWS plus the main area tiles and we should  be right.  How long should that take.....

I told him handover by my birthday (about a month from now) would be a really nice pressie.  ;)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lots and lots happening

I don't have an update pic yet for a visual but I'll get there.

Once these guys got moving they really got moving.  It was a bit dicey there when lead flashing was taken from the site for the second time and the gyprocking had to start while there were still tiles missing from the ground floor roof.  Thankfully the rain held off enough and the back wall was put on, the safety rail removed and the tiles replaced.

Gyprocking took 2 days.  The wet areas have been sealed.  The front door, back door and entry door from the garage are in - I assume more doors inside are on, but obviously we are now locked out of the house.  Very happy about that.

Saw the garage door being worked on and I can see our upper bedroom doors are on.  Apparently the kitchen cupboards went in yesterday.  I think the architraves and skirting boards are in. 

Don't know if I missed anything in all that.  It's been go go go since the insulation went into the walls.

I'm starting to make plans to give notice at our rental home.  Feels good.