Friday, July 27, 2012

OK well tiles but no splashback

Expect photos in a couple of days when we do our first walkthrough.

The tiles arrived on Thursday and the tiler carted them down and started prepping that afternoon.  A decent amount of tiling was done by Friday afternoon although poor hubby spent ages tracking down some extra bags of the right kind of glue because the floor is so uneven he needed extras. 

Sadly no splashback, I was dying to take pic of it and see how pretty it (hopefully) is.

The remaining tiling will be done today and the grouting tomorrow, so no delay as a result of late start thankfully.

Hubby seems to believe handover could be as early as Wednesday.  Deliveries and carpet being orgnanised next.  We have someone designing the driveway.  Somehow we will manage the moving in despite the dirt drive.

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