Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Things have been going along quite well, the cleaners were in last Friday and as far as we can see inside is looking pretty good.  Little touch ups here and there needed but otherwise good.

We had the tiler for the main floors lined up to start on Monday.  Only he didn't.  He says the warehouse told him that something hadn't  been paid for.  Only it all has been.  He said if we get it sorted out he could start next Monday.  I think the M. site supervisor is tearing his hair out at that.  My husband just spoke to SS and he is going to speak to the tiling company.  SS goes away on holidays next week and he wanted handover to happen before then.

Thankfully the SS had the plumbers in yesterday to finish up some problem areas like putting in the right tap in the butler's pantry.  Sadly our yard is a bog so our nice clean house which was ready for tiling now has clods of mud in it.  Also the stairs have been stained so that's good too.

The splashback and possibly the appliances are due on Friday so that's exciting.  That's pretty much it.

We have a list of issues to be sorted - if it hasn't already been done.  For example we had an upstairs bedroom we wanted no internals in but the wardrobe people put them in there but not in the guest room downstairs which is where the internals were meant to be.  I hope they realised their error and fixed it.  The external paint is wrong too - I hope they mean to come back to touch up the paint job and while they are there they can paint the weatherboard and the portico in Stonecrop like it is meant to be.  Other than that it is mostly little things.

SS also said the person who seals in the tubs will be in next Monday.

So so so close.  Then we have the headache of getting a driveway sorted because there is no way we can get a removalist truck down to the house the way the sloping bog is at the moment.

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  1. At least the progress is continuing in the right direction :-) Fingers crossed not much longer to go. Your driveway dilemma could be interesting...have you already had quotes? I hate to think how much that would cost, ours is hefty enough and it's only little.