Monday, July 16, 2012


Yesterday the electricians put in lights and switches.  We can live with the temporary lighting which is better than expected.  We will put in our choice of LED downlights, step lights, pendant lights etc over time after we have moved in. 

Big trench was dug today for phone, electrical etc.  I think the tiler and painter were also in there finishing up the insides.

Splashback, shower screens and wardrobes to go.  Possibly the air conditioning unit - we don't know if it went in yesterday or not.  We gave the tiler the go ahead from Fri/Sat to do the main floor tiles and hopefully we can get our carpet people in on Mon August 4th.


  1. Yay things are moving for you too! The deck looks great! Good news about the temporary lights not being too bad. I have a question for you, has the phone ever been connected at that site? I organized to have ours activated which TPG said they sent out the technician who did it, but it doesn't appear to be hooked up to the house, so presumably we need one of these trenches dug too? or is that just because of your location?

  2. Met. in our case, and I assume yours too, take a line from the street to the house for you. That could be by overhead wire, or by trench. Our house is 45m from the street so trench it was.

    1. Thanks Mugwa! We have one of those telstra box things attached to the side of the house now, M must have done it :-) Hope everything is still progressing for you?