Monday, November 5, 2012

It's been nearly 3 months since we moved in

Oddly enough this feels like the most stressful end of the build.

Overall the house is fine but every day little things will irritate me.  Like three chips in the tiles, lack of squareness and worries about whether our balcony door is going to get fixed when they do everything else.  The 90 day guy talked at length about that door and  how to fix it but when I checked my list of things he got me to sign - it's not on there. 

The sink being in the wrong place bugs me but we are stuck with it.  The electricals lady deleting one of our powerpoints and not telling us when she said she made a mistake and sent the revised electricals back to us to sign irritates me every time I vacuum.  I needed that power outlet!  The little messes that they left, the scratched ensuite window that I had on a list but didn't get mentioned at 90 day appointment because I forgot, basically lots of little irksome things that I notice every time I clean.

And I wish it had been pointed out to us right at the start that a front porch slab is not included.  It would have been so much easier to have added it at that stage than trying to find someone to lay that slab after the build.  Sigh.

Following on directly from that we are building a pool.  But that might have to be an entirely new post.

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