Monday, November 5, 2012

The pool Dun dun dun

OK so the pool.  When I was doing my budget I had decided against doing a pool.  I wrote about this in one of my earlier posts.  The sales rep from a major pool company had given us a quote for all the fancy stuff that ultimately we didn't need.  We had asked him about the pool specials that we hear advertised all the time and he would not do a quote for those because "that's what they do out in Blacktown".

Not being satisfied with that hubby rang the company back and got a different guy out who quoted us for a basic pool.  Against my better judgement I agreed to go ahead with the pool.

Shortly afterwards hubby received a call from the original sales rep who said the nastiest things including "I hope something goes wrong with your pool".  Hubby rang the head office about that of course.  They were most apologetic.

They also changed the latest pool deal to something which suited us better so we had a variation done.  Problem was the variation took so long to go through it left no time for the pool company to get in dig their hole and line it with concrete and get out before our builders started.  That meant we were stuck with getting the pool done after the builders were out.

So 10 months later we go ahead with the pool.  Of course it will now take a smaller excavator and therefore more time to dig the pool.  We asked the supervisor how much extra and he said $800.00.  Fine that's doable.  We proceed rather than pulling out like we were thinking of doing.  Pool is dug, small variation to the dig so we check with supervisor if $800 is still the price.  He reassures us that it is.  Fine.  Uh oh can't get excavator out as planned have to get a crane in.  Again we check with the supervisor if that is included in the price.  Again he reassures us that it is.

Concrete is poured, pool builders decamp for several weeks (actually it's been 6 weeks now and we seem to have been forgotten despite being in touch with them twice since the concrete pour including sending an email because new supervisor doesn't have the variation)

We receive a bill from the excavation company for over $3K!  Not happy.  Extremely unhappy you might say.  The boss from the excavation company shows up at our doorstep telling us what the site supervisor told him as though it was fact.  I think I finally convinced him that the pool company supervisor was out and out dishonest with him and with us.  Really annoyed by now.

Apparently the tiler is going to charge $4 for every tile they have to cut.  What the???  I hope that isn't true. 

And we were planning on having a gas pool heater that we happen to have installed - don't think that's going to happen so now we will have a freezing pool. 

Urgh - wish I had gone with my first instinct and not gone ahead.  Could always have done it later if there was money down the track.

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